Wilfley Heavy Duty Centrifugal Pumps Pump Mining

Wilfley pumps were made for the continuous rigors of continuous operation is all facets of mining applications all over the world

Arthur Redman Wilfley originally designed his side suction slurry pump to handle the difficult pumping requirements for his mining operations up in the Colorado mountains almost 100 years ago.

Toughness Where It Counts

Material excellence is central to our value proposition. The remarkable MAXALLOY® 5A hard iron delivers high value in extreme operating conditions like mining, with hardness values exceeding 700 HBN (equivalent to 82.6 RA). In addition, MAXALLOY® 5A can handle a wider range of pH values, including the basic range of calcium carbonate, than industry standard hard irons. These superior physical properties when combined with Wilfley’s heavy duty, singular wall design provide exceptional performance far beyond less competitive, thin layer liner designs.

Increased Service Life

(Based on test field data)

Wilfley Centrifugal Pumps Pump MAXALLOY 5A 27% Chrome Hard Iron Mining

Increased Preferred pH Range

(Based on laboratory testing)

Wilfley Centrifugal Pumps Pump MAXALLOY 5A 27% Chrome Hard Iron Mining

In It for the Long Haul

Commercial grade may suffice for certain automotive products and B2B markets, but industrial mining requirements rely on equipment designed for continuous, mission critical operation. Moreover, operational demands often subject industrial equipment to rigors well outside a fully constrained design window.

Although the majority (75-90%) of pump ownership costs can be attributed to issues with seals and bearings, the basic design of the pump has a lot to do with its long term success. Wilfley’s philosophy is to produce heavy duty pumps that provide maximum productivity in the harshest of conditions like mining. For instance, our robust ASME B73.1 A9 chemical process pumps are up to 60% heavier than Tier 1 competitors. And a similar trend exists on rotating elements: a common shaft robustness index follows an L3/D4 format and the A9 pump is on average 55% stiffer than others.

Average Weight Shaft Stiffness Ratio
% Heavier Standard
% Stiffer
1 155 lbs
(70 kg)
50% 68 55%
2 325 lbs
(150 kg)
35% 62 45%
3 495 lbs
(225 kg)
60% 28 50%
4 1,005 lbs
(455 kg)
50% 17 70%

Wilfley’s philosophy is that downtime is unacceptable, so we continue to build robust pumps for continuous, tough and critical services.

The Environmental Edge

According to many estimates, industrial uses account for 20% of global water usage. As with any finite resource, efforts to reduce consumption will shift from goodwill, to economic requirement and eventually legislative restrictions. Although largely abundant (and recyclable), water is often taken for granted and used with little regard – including seal flush systems for the majority of centrifugal pumps in mining.

Leaking Pump Pumps Compression Packing Flush Water Mining

Excessive flush water on a typical packed pump

Wilfley Sealing Technology effectively voids the outdated and preconditioned thought process on water-based, seal flush systems centric to friction-derivative face seals or compression packing rings. Traditional yet anachronistic sealing systems generate significant energy losses and subsequent heat which therefore require a means to moderate temperature and provide lubricity (usually via external water flush). In addition, the Wilfley seal eliminates the potential flush contaminant and therefore saves the otherwise wasteful energy and complex processes that must be deployed to remove it from the fluid product. Use the calculator below to see how much flush water you are currently using and the environmental impact that is associated with it.

Environmental Impact Calculator

Flush Flow Rate:
% Amount Entering Process: %
Hours Per Day:  
Days Per Year:  
# Quantity of Pumps:  
Annual Water Consumption:
Energy to Remove Water:
CO2 Equivalent Emissions:

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