Wilfley Sealing

Wilfley Centrifugal Pumps Sealing Technology

Wilfley Sealing Technology is the premier sealing solution for the toughest pumping applications

It has proven to be a superior alternative to conventional sealing systems like mechanical seals and compression packing

Key Features and Benefits

  • No need for the cumbersome flush systems associated with mechanical seals and compression packing
  • Excellent solids / slurry handling capabilities
  • Product dilution is eliminated
  • Operational abuse tolerant, e.g. cavitation and vibration
  • Reduces maintenance costs and maximizes production time through increased mean time between maintenance (MTBM)
  • Intermittent dry running capability
  • Inherently SAFE without gland packing or frictional heat

How Wilfley Sealing Technology Works

Wilfley Sealing Technology is the combination of the Wilfley dynamic expeller seal and a specially engineered static seal. At startup, the dynamic expeller uses centrifugal force to pull the pump fluid away from the shaft while the static seal actuates to open its seal faces (green and orange components below) and prevent any rubbing contact. At shutdown, the seal faces close before any pump fluid can escape.

The harmony between the dynamic and static seal is what makes Wilfley Sealing Technology excel beyond conventional seals.

Wilfley Sealing Technology saves water and eliminates product dilution

Wilfley Sealing Technology Saves Water Eliminates Product Dilution

Wilfley sealing technology provides leak free operation at all times without requiring the type of flush systems and expensive operating costs that are needed for conventional sealing systems like mechanical seals and compression packing. This flush-free system also keeps the pumpage pure, and eliminates the need for subsequent, expensive evaporative processes downstream. Use the calculator below to see how much flush water you are currently using and the additional cost needed to remove it from the finished product.

Water Usage Calculator

Flush Flow Rate:
% Amount Entering Process: %
Hours Per Day:  
Days Per Year:  
# Quantity of Pumps:  
Cost per kWh: US Dollars
Annual Water Consumption:
Energy Cost to Remove Water:
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