Slurry Pump

Wilfley Kpro Slurry Pump Pumps

The Kpro® slurry pump is Wilfley’s latest iteration of the classic side suction design that started it all

Features and Benefits

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Sealing Options

The Kpro® slurry pump comes standard with the Wilfley dynamic expeller and the latest SolidLock® static sealing technology

Conventional sealing systems like compression packing are also available

A Maintenance Engineer’s Delight

Wilfley Kpro Slurry Pump Pumps
Wilfley Kpro Slurry Pump Pumps

The case can be removed without disturbing the suction or discharge piping and the crane arm fully supports the case during maintenance.

Standard Materials of Construction

MAXALLOY® 2 Hard Iron

MAXALLOY® 5 Hard Iron

MAXALLOY® 5A Hard Iron

NiHard 4 Hard Iron

White Iron

WCD4™ Duplex Stainless Steel

Alloy 20 Nickel Alloy


Flows up to 5,685 usgpm (1,291 m3/h)
Heads up to 235 ft (72 m)
Particle size up to 1 in (25 mm)

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