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Wilfley’s Newest Metallurgy, MAXALLOY® 5A Hard Iron

on August 6, 2013

Grand success has been proven in Wilfley pumps and parts with the use of Wilfley’s newest proprietary high chrome / hard iron alloy, MAXALLOY® 5A. SQM-Pedro Valdivia Chile, a heavy duty mining operation, is just one example of how Wilfley has enabled an important customer to maintain pumping conditions while achieving significantly higher service life.

The two impellers below were in the same service for the same amount of time

Wilfley Centrifugal Pumps MAXALLOY 2 Hard Iron

Wilfley Centrifugal Pumps MAXALLOY 5A Hard Iron

Look at the difference in service life:

Wilfley MAXALLOY 5A Hard Iron Service Life

MAXALLOY® 5A offers high material hardness and toughness for excellent wear performance in the most difficult abrasive applications. Through special proprietary processing, chromium carbides are evenly distributed in a fully martensitic matrix offering an average hardness of 750 HBN to maximize wear performance.

Average Hardness for Wilfley’s Hard Irons:

Wilfley MAXALLOY 5A Hard Iron Hardness

MAXALLOY® 5A is readily available for the following Wilfley pumps:

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Download the MAXALLOY® 5A Material Datasheet

Mark ScottWilfley’s Newest Metallurgy, MAXALLOY® 5A Hard Iron