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Wilfley Wins Large Phosphoric Acid Project

on August 14, 2014

Earlier this year, Wilfley won a large project to supply A7 chemical pumps in both Alloy 20 and Alloy G to one of the top phosphoric acid producers in Mexico. In the end, it was Wilfley’s reputation for high quality; heavy duty pumps as well as our dedication and customer support that helped us excel beyond our competition.

Wilfley A7 Chemical Pump Phosphoric Acid
Wilfley A7 Chemical Pump

The Alloy 20 pumps will be located earlier in the process where the concentration is low. Conversely, the Alloy G pumps will be located much later in the process where the concentration and temperature is much higher.

Fortunately, the customer had previous experience with Wilfley pumps in Alloy G and they were extremely confident in the metallurgical expertise that we are known for. They also knew that other pump manufacturers cannot match our premium quality castings when it comes to exotic materials like Alloy G. Wilfley’s specially processed Alloy G is a high chromium nickel-base alloy, which offers superior corrosion resistance in difficult phosphoric acid applications that contain oxidizing acids including nitric / hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, and sulfuric acids.

The Alloy 20 portion of the project wasn’t as straightforward. The customer had already decided to purchase pumps from a well-known competitor due to their low prices and short lead times. However, they approached Wilfley after they discovered that the competitor couldn’t support the lead times that were originally promised. We were eventually awarded with the purchase order because of our high quality product, overall reliability, short lead times, and the extraordinary customer support by our representative.

This sale really highlights how much value Wilfley adds to our products, whether it’s our metallurgical expertise, extraordinary customer support, or our dedication to everything that is Wilfley.


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Mark ScottWilfley Wins Large Phosphoric Acid Project