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Wilfley is Proud to Release New SolidLock™ Static Seal

on January 15, 2015

The SolidLock™ Static Seal is the latest innovation in static sealing for Wilfley slurry pumps. Combined with the Wilfley Dynamic Expeller Seal, it is the perfect sealing solution for any pumping application that contains solids. The SolidLock™ has already proven to be a superior alternative to conventional sealing technologies.

How the SolidLock™ Static Seal Works:

The SolidLock™ has a simple but very effective design. At start up, centrifugal force moves weights outwards to open the seal faces and prevent any rubbing contact. At shut down, isolated springs force the seal faces to close before any of the pump fluid can escape.

The SolidLock™ couldn’t be easier to install and maintain:

  • Retrofit kits are available to convert existing pumps in the field
  • The cartridge style assembly is designed for straightforward installation
  • The seal actuating speed can be easily adjusted without disassembling the pump

Retrofitting an Existing AF Chemical Pump:

Contact your local Wilfley representative NOW to learn more about the SolidLock™ Static Seal.

Download the SolidLock™ Product Bulletin

Mark ScottWilfley is Proud to Release New SolidLock™ Static Seal