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Wilfley is Excited to Launch “The Impeller” eNewsletter

on March 28, 2013


impeller: one that impels
impel: to urge, encourage or drive forward

As part of this year’s strategic planning process, we decided to conscientiously enhance our communication activities to the pump marketplace. We are pleased to introduce this first installment of our quarterly eNewsletter named The Impeller. For nearly the last 30 years of the 20th century, The Impeller was an internal newsletter for Wilfley employees.

As gleaned from the definitions noted above for the words impeller and impel, we thought it was logical to rekindle the name as we move forward. We thank you for past interest and support in our company and hope you find this medium valuable into the future.

Click here for a look at the first issue of The Impeller from 1970.

Wilfley Impeller Newsletter

Mark ScottWilfley is Excited to Launch “The Impeller” eNewsletter