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Wilfley Expands the A9 Chemical Pump for Low Flow Capabilities

on May 13, 2014

Wilfley has recently developed and released a new extension of the widely popular and proven A9 product line… the A9LF pump. The A9LF has been specifically designed to handle the unique requirements of low-flow high-head applications. Key benefits include:

  • Lower specific speeds increase pump reliability
  • Higher head for a given impeller diameter
  • Higher efficiency versus a traditional centrifugal pump design
  • Increased L10 life of the bearings due to the significantly reduced radial loads

The A9LF pump also has all of the same features of the standard A9:

  • DryLock® 2 Static Seal
  • Opti-Expeller
  • Extremely robust power end


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The developed heads and the efficiencies can be as much as 30-35% higher than similar diameter volute radial vane pumps at similar capacities. The radial loads are also approximately 25% of the values seen by volute style pumps. All of this is achieved with the high precision circular case design and the fully-open Barske style impeller.

Wilfley Chemical Pumps A9 Low Flow
A9LF Case & Impeller

Wilfley Chemical Pumps A9 Low Flow
Standard A9 Case & Impeller


The A9LF pump is currently available with two set impeller diameters (9” and 10”) and three discharge throat diameters (0.25”, 0.375”, 0.5”), all packaged in a 2″x1″ ANSI RF studded flange arrangement.

Wilfley Chemical Pumps A9 Low Flow

Specifications at a Glance

  • Layout: End suction, top (tangential) discharge, back pull-out design
  • Impeller: Fully-open Barske style design
  • Frame: Overhung shaft, with two piece frame
  • Sizes: 2×1-9 (A,B,C), 2×1-10 (A,B,C)
  • Seal Options: DryLock® 2 with Opti-Expeller; single or double mechanical seals

Contact your local Wilfley representative today to learn more about the A9LF pump.

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Mark ScottWilfley Expands the A9 Chemical Pump for Low Flow Capabilities