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Wilfley Exhibits at SME Annual Conference

on March 20, 2015

Last month, The 2015 SME Annual Conference & Expo was held at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. The conference is one of the largest industry events of the year, with over 900 exhibit booths and over 7,800 attendees. Wilfley took full advantage of the conference’s proximity and showcased our latest innovations in the world of slurry pumping: the SolidLock® Static Seal and the EMW® Slurry Pump.

Wilfley Centrifugal Pumps EMW Slurry Pump SME 2015

SolidLock® Static Seal

The creative minds in the Sealwerks Lab developed a special demo unit for the conference that clearly shows the fundamentals of how Wilfley Sealing Technology works and why the partnership between the dynamic and static seal is so important. A SolidLock® static seal was incorporated into the unit, which made it possible to see the seal actuate (to open the seal faces) at the same time that the liquid interface is established by the expeller. The demo unit was an amazing conversation starter and an invaluable sales tool to have at the conference.

EMW® Slurry Pump

The Wilfley booth also had a massive EMW® 250 (10×8) slurry pump on display in all its glory. The EMW® slurry pump is Wilfley’s latest offering in slurry pumps and has proven to live up to the Wilfley legacy of heavy duty, durable, dependable pumps. The EMW® is currently available in sizes ranging from the 50 (2×2) up to the 250 (10×8) and it can be configured with either a hard iron or rubber lined wet end. The EMW® pump at the conference featured special epoxy paint and Teflon® coated hardware, which are used to help prevent corrosion in tough applications like potash.

Wilfley Centrifugal Pumps EMW Slurry Pump SME 2015

The 2015 SME Annual Conference & Expo was a great event. We had the opportunity to meet some interesting prospective customers as well as strengthen relationships with existing customers. The conference is taking place in Phoenix, Arizona next year… hopefully we’ll see you there.

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Mark ScottWilfley Exhibits at SME Annual Conference