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Thurston Machine Inc. Open House & Centrifugal Pump School

on October 14, 2014

Thurston Machine Inc., A.R. Wilfley Master Distributor for Canada, recently hosted a well received and attended Open House to celebrate their brand new facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The state-of-the-art building offers 6,000 ft2 office space and currently 13,000 ft2 of shop and warehouse area.

Wilfley Centrifugal Pumps Thurston Machine

The event was held after-hours on the 1st and 2nd of October and followed a Wilfley-sponsored Centrifugal Pump School each day. Over 70 attendees participated, ranging from end-users to Engineers. The Centrifugal Pump School included basic operating principles, application guidelines and advanced topics, such as:

  • Classification of Pumps
  • Part-by-part Function and Design Characteristics
  • Sealing Technologies
  • Pump and System Curves
  • Thermal Considerations
  • Dynamic Loading and Effects
  • Series vs Parallel Operation
  • Affinity Law and Application
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Net Positive Suction Head
  • Effect of Viscosity and Solids

In addition, a second course covering pump troubleshooting and analysis was included. Classic examples of various operating phenomena were discussed and illustrated in clear and concise terms.

Wilfley Centrifugal Pumps Thurston Machine

The most appreciated instrument during the School was the Wilfley demonstration skid, complete with a fully operational translucent centrifugal pump and system. For this class, Saskatchewan Roughrider green water was used to visualize the effects of cavitation, two-phase stall operation and dynamic seal principles.

Wilfley Centrifugal Pumps Thurston Machine

The feedback from attendees was extremely positive and best summarized by one word: Bullseye!

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