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The DryLock® 2 Proves Itself in Difficult Filter Feed Application

on February 18, 2014

Two years ago, a long-standing Wilfley client put forth newly established mandates that “No acid shall hit the ground” in their filter feed application. The client was using legacy Wilfley products that were outdated and the sealing technology could not live up to these new mandates. After a lot of frustration, the client started to sample competitive pump alternatives with no avail.

The applications in their system were four pumps that fed filter presses on one hour cycles or re-circulated acid. The other half of the system had four cooler pumps which aged and cooled the SPA acid prior to shipment or storage. Wilfley met with the client’s process group and worked with them to complete a full Engineering review to determine the new plan of action. After much discussion, it was decided that a 3×2-10 A7 pump with the new state-of-the-art DryLock® 2 sealing technology would provide the best performance for the application.

Wilfley Chemical Pump A7 DryLock 2 Filter Feed
A7 Chemical Pump with DryLock® 2 Seal

Based on Wilfley’s recommendation, the client installed one pump for a six month trial. The pump started in March 2012 and by May the pump was working so well that the client ordered an additional four pumps. Each of these pumps have been running successfully since with no issues outside of normal maintenance.

The 50% failure point in this application was 75 days with the previous outdated technology. It is now an incredible 370 days with the help of the new DryLock® 2 sealing technology. That is nearly 5 times in improvement! Wilfley has since then quoted for four more pumps that will handle the SPA cooler application.

Proven at one scale, and now on to the next. This is how Wilfley has been successful over the years. Relationships are built, problem areas are identified, and one solution at a time, one pump at a time, the value-added solution of Wilfley becomes apparent and embraced.

Wilfley’s dedication to its client with a complete review, its resolve to provide the total need, and its responsiveness to provide the proper product in a difficult application once again shines in this extraordinary example of success.

A solution providing a failure point 5 TIMES the previous measure… that’s Wilfley.

Mark ScottThe DryLock® 2 Proves Itself in Difficult Filter Feed Application