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SolidLock™ Success in Lime Slurry

on February 16, 2015

A longstanding Wilfley customer recently upgraded a K slurry pump to a new Kpro® and Wilfley took advantage of the opportunity to test out the brand new SolidLock™ static seal. The customer couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Wilfley Centrifugal Pumps Kpro Slurry Pump
Kpro® pump after upgrade

The customer has been using K pumps for handling lime slurry for over 30 years and has had excellent success with the pumps that are in continuous service. Unfortunately, they have had sealing issues from time to time with the pumps that are in intermittent service. The SolidLock™ static seal quickly solved the sealing issue and now the pump is performing far beyond expectations.

The SolidLock™ is Wilfley’s latest innovation in static sealing and it works seamlessly with the Wilfley Dynamic Expeller Seal to provide the perfect sealing solution for the toughest slurry applications. The SolidLock™ has a simple but very effective design. At start up, centrifugal force moves weights outwards to open the seal faces and prevent any rubbing contact. At shut down, isolated springs force the seal faces to close before any of the pump fluid can escape.

The customer is very pleased with the results and has placed an order to upgrade two additional K pumps. At a recent meeting with the customer, it was noted that the operators are reluctant to perform the routine alternating of the upgraded pump because of how much they prefer the SolidLock™.

The SolidLock™ static seal is currently available for the EMW® slurry pump, Kpro® slurry pump, and AF chemical pump. Contact your local Wilfley representative NOW to learn more about the SolidLock™ static seal.

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Mark ScottSolidLock™ Success in Lime Slurry