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Sales Managers Meeting #2 of 2014

on July 15, 2014

A typically stunning Colorado blue sky day was the welcome for our second No Travel Sales week of 2014. Kick-off was at the corporate office where the Sales Team was joined by our stalwart Customer Service team for an initial pep talk by Douglas. The first day of this jam-packed week of training and updates covered various sales topics, including the EMW® slurry pump and a thorough update on the Potash market.

Game plan for the next three days was at the manufacturing facility where our guys received exciting updates from our Manufacturing Team, Engineering Team, and Western Foundries. There were also hands on demonstrations of new prototype sealing technology in our Sealwerks lab and discussions about future product development.

Wilfley Sales Managers Meeting

Wilfley Sales Managers Meeting

The first highlight of the week was a BBQ held by our Engineering Team that gave the Sales Team a well-earned opportunity to spend ‘half-time’ kicking back with some great food and great footie! As always, Wilfley never fails to excel both in pumping expertise and in their ability to provide a knock-out, slap up BBQ that would put any Aussie to shame!

Wilfley Sales Managers Meeting

So innovative are our Engineering Team they had even provided ‘refreshments’ in a repurposed pump case that housed the Wifley’s own brew (even down to the ‘W’ bottle tops!).

Wilfley Sales Managers Meeting

The second highlight of the week was the traditional dinner at Douglas’ house. Awarded ‘man of the match’ was the chef who treated the team to a sumptuous feast of tasty Mexican fare. Douglas and Carolina sealed the deal with a genuine Mariachi band to make the evening absolutely ‘fenomenal’!

Wilfley Sales Managers Meeting

The final day of this fully-charged week took place back at the corporate office with a wind-down day for our team covering ‘exciting’ topics like commissions and contracts. To celebrate the winning week, the team spent the evening at a side-splittingly funny comedy show featuring a small guy with a huge hilarious personality.

Once again, the week proved to be a resounding success and further solidified our passion and commitment for everything that Wilfley has to offer. All in all a championship week for Wilfley!

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Mark ScottSales Managers Meeting #2 of 2014