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New Crane Arm Assembly for 2″/2.5″ K/Kpro® Pumps

on September 10, 2013

One of the many unique features of the K and Kpro® slurry pumps is the availability of a crane arm assembly to aid in the rapid servicing of the pump. Historically, this has only been available for sizes 3” and larger. However, it has been noted that the 2” case casting includes the same lifting lug as the larger sizes. Upon observing customers in the field fabricating their own crane arm assemblies for installed 2″ K pumps, an effort began to design an option for this from Wilfley.

A separately mounted crane arm adapter has been developed to enable customers to order a 2″/2.5″ K/Kpro® pump with a crane arm assembly (borrowed from the 3” size) as an option. Additionally, the complete set-up can be purchased for existing pumps in the field.

Wilfley K Kpro Slurry Pump Crane Arm

The adapter is designed to be bolted into the exposed threaded hole on the backside of the uppermost case bolt hole in the intake chamber. The notch in the adapter straddles the reinforcing rib, preventing side to side movement. The elbow of the crane arm assembly can be mounted forward or rearward as required and is suitable to fully bear the weight of the case (approximately 170 lbs / 77 kg). It is not designed for other use or additional weight.

Wilfley K Kpro Slurry Pump Crane Arm

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Mark ScottNew Crane Arm Assembly for 2″/2.5″ K/Kpro® Pumps