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DryLock® 2 Setting the Standard

on March 28, 2013

Wilfley pumps are known for providing the preeminent dynamic sealing solution for the pump marketplace over the last 90 years. Expellers have long-since demonstrated reliable sealing while the pump is operating but the Achilles heel has always been how to maintain integrity while the pump is static.

Wilfley pumps have employed a number of static seal configurations over our history and the DryLock® 2 design is proving itself to set the standard for applications with corrosive liquids contaminated with solids.

Introduced in late 2011, the DryLock® 2 is proving itself equally in retrofit and new pump applications. Specifically designed for use with our newest range of chemical pumps (A7 and A9), the seal has now been used in the fertilizer, energetics and chemical processing markets. Specific applications include a wide range of acids, ammonium nitrate, brine and various slurry mixes. One PAP + DAP/NPK fertilizer plant purchased more than forty retrofit assemblies last year after proving the design on three trial applications.

2012 represented the first full year of production with this design and we are pleased to have placed the nearly two hundred seal assemblies to protect the environmental security of our customers. The DryLock® 2 seal represents our latest seal design but you can expect to see more new seal advancements from us in the near future.

Wilfley Static Seal DryLock 2

Mark ScottDryLock® 2 Setting the Standard