Wilfley pumps have played an important part in the
fertilizer industry worldwide for more than 60 years

  • Wilfley pumps offer features critical to difficult applications found in fertilizer plant applications:
    • Filter feed
    • Pre-neutralizer
    • Clarifier underflow
    • Tail gas scrubber
    • HFSA
    • Molten sulfur
  • The Wilfley Dynamic Expeller Seal can handle the most difficult applications in the fertilizer industry:
    • Liquids with solids
    • Liquids that crystallize and are prone to scaling
    • Highly corrosive applications.
  • Wilfley pumps are available in a large selection of alloys that are ideal for the fertilizer industry.
  • Robust heavy duty construction provides many years of reliable operation and high plant production.
Wilfley pumps in tail gas scrubber systems can operate 24 hours/day with no need for seal water. Filter feed application with 50% solids present

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