Wilfley pumps have been successfully applied in
wet cement plants around the world for over 60 years

  • Wilfley pumps offer features critical for successful applications in cement and aggregates.
  • Robust heavy duty construction can handle concentrations up to 65% solids by weight.
  • The Wilfley Dynamic Expeller Seal doesn’t require any seal water so there is NO PRODUCT DILUTION.
  • Wilfley’s MAXALLOY® hard iron alloys assure maximum wear life of key pump components.
  • The unique side suction configuration simplifies maintenance.
  • Many components can be replaced without disturbing any piping.
K slurry pump in a Derrick Hi-G Dryer installation. In a remote location there is no need for associated piping for a seal water supply. HD slurry pump in a cement kiln feed application. Maximum concentrations and no dilution from seal water.

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